• Name: Indi
  • Species: Coyote/Otter mix (Plushie)
  • Gender: Neutrois
  • Pronouns: ve/ver/vis
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Build: Lithe, slight hips but no breasts
  • Age (apparent): 20ish


  • Made of faux fur and stuffing, but think "detailed fursuit", not "simple toy". Basically comes out looking like a regular fur, though with subtle seams, and probably a few fabric folds.
  • Tan fur. Coyote ears, otter muzzle, webbed paws, coyote tail stuck on the end of an otter tail.
  • Headfur is center-parted bangs with ponytail. Color fades from purple (roots) through blue (main) to cyan (tips).
  • Non-binary/neutrois, using Egan pronouns (ve/ver/vis). Form is androgynous, with a bit of curviness but no actual breasts.
  • Sometime presents more definitely male or female (and using pronouns to match), but in most cases this is just accomplished by shifting stuffing around slightly, making more distinct (but still fairly subtle) breasts and hips, or smoothing out those areas more.
  • Glowing abstract markings in teal, blue, and purple all over the pelt. These are almost entirely variable, I like seeing what people come up with! :)
  • Only part of the markings that doesn't really change is the wing-spread purple raven design on the back, but even the style of that is up to the artist.
  • Clothing style is androgynous rave-wear/cyberpunk, in black and colors that match vis markings.
  • Dancing is always a good pose to use, possibly with glowsticks (again matching the marking colors, ideally)


  • Nose: Black (Leather)
  • Pawpads: Purple (Leather)
  • Claws/Teeth: Glow-in-the-dark (Silicone)
  • Webbing: Brown (Spandex)
  • Tongue/Mouth: Light indigo (Spandex)
  • Eyes: Aqua, faintly glowing (Glass)


Bouncy and energetic, Indi's easy to spot; there's a spring in vis step, as if ve's moving in time to music only ve could hear. Even at a passing glance, a rather obvious detail comes into focus: there's a distinct crease in the fur down vis neck, with similar ones down vis arms and the middle of vis tail. There's no way to hide something like that: it's stitching, just what you'd expect on a plushie.

The toy is mostly lutrine, from the blunt muzzle and thick tail, but details break the mold, like the fluff on the lower half of vis ruddertail, as if an otter's tail turned into a canine one halfway down. The webbing on vis handpaws is easy to see, brown spandex between digits padded with purple suede, but vis footpaws are clearly canine, though rather big and stylized, with claws that are nothing more than rubbery teal nubs. The size of the pointed ears on vis head, and the dusty fluff of vis faux pelt, serve to mark the other species as a coyote, as if someone had done a careful mix and match from the parts of two different full-sized stuffed animals.

Even beyond those seams and that species mix, vis pelt has plenty of evidence of being artificial. Glowing markings cover vis five-and-a-half-foot frame, bearing the vivid hues of a rave. Whorls of aqua and blue and purple are dyed into vis fabric shell, tracing the contours of a swimmer's build formed of soft polyfill. Vis headfur shows off the same color scheme, purple at the roots, fading through the blues to teal at the tips. Most of it trails back in a ponytail, but a few strands escape to fall into vis eyes, and a close look at that would reveal all of it as soft colorful yarn. Vis ears are pierced with accents of the same colors, a few metal rings in bright blue and purple metal on each one. Vis nose is soft leather, and the eyes are a nearly-glowing aqua, the light reflecting off them showing them to be strikingly-lifelike glass. A collar sits around vis neck, seamless purple plastic with a shiny metal ring hanging from the front.


Vis outfit is as androgynous as the rest of ver, and cute and swishy; ve must have been sewn together for a rave. A tight black shirt clings to vis chest, the word 'TOY' written out in thick blue letters, blatantly unsubtle. Vis legs are covered with a pair of baggy white pants, straps and pockets and all (only fitting accessories for a rave-toy). Under the right light, the glow of vis markings shows right through the clothes, revealing more detail, including what looks like the shape of a spread-winged bird on vis back. In bright-enough UV light (an environment that ve seeks out whenever ey gets the chance) vis stitching can even be seen to glow too. Ve's clearly built to show off at a dance, the soft-stuffed body built to move with fluid grace when the music's right, and great for a cuddle whenever else.


Ve's not wearing anything right now, the full view of vis seamed form leaving no question as to vis nature; ve's even toyish between the legs, with nothing there other than a soft bulge in the fur. There's plenty more to look at, though, with those bright tattoo-like markings covering vis whole body. Most of it is abstract swirls and angles, but on the back, several purple lines come together to create a stylized avian shape, a raven with wings spread, the wingtips reaching onto vis arms, the tailfeathers reaching to the plush's own tailbase.