• Name: Indi
  • Species: Coyote/Otter mix (Synthetic)
  • Gender: Neutrois
  • Pronouns: ve/ver/vis
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Build: Lithe, slight hips but no breasts
  • Age (apparent): 20ish


  • Synthetic, but detailed and realistic (Other than things like the impossible species mix, and glowing parts). Might show very faint seams.
  • Tan fur. Coyote ears, otter muzzle, webbed paws, coyote tail stuck on the end of an otter tail.
  • Headfur is center-parted bangs with ponytail. Color fades from purple (roots) through blue (main) to cyan (tips).
  • Non-binary/neutrois, using Egan pronouns (ve/ver/vis). Form is androgynous, with a bit of curviness but no actual breasts.
  • Sometime presents more definitely male or female (and using pronouns to match), but in most cases this is just accomplished by shifting internal structures around slightly, making more distinct (but still fairly subtle) breasts and hips, or smoothing out those areas more.
  • Glowing abstract markings in teal, blue, and purple all over the pelt. These are almost entirely variable, I like seeing what people come up with! :)
  • Only part of the markings that doesn't really change is the wing-spread purple raven design on the back, but even the style of that is up to the artist.
  • Clothing style is androgynous rave-wear/cyberpunk stuff, sometimes rough around the edges, looking scavenged, in black and colors that match vis markings.
  • Dancing is always a good pose to use, possibly with glowsticks (again matching the marking colors, ideally)


  • Nose: Black (Silicone)
  • Pawpads: Purple (Silicone)
  • Claws: Purple (Anodized metal)
  • Teeth: White (Hard silicone)
  • Webbing: Brown (Silicone)
  • Tongue/Mouth: Translucent light indigo, faintly glowing (Silicone)
  • Eyes: Aqua, faintly glowing (Tech)


Indi's not hard to catch sight of. A lithe lutrine body is outlined and detailed with bold swirls of teal, blue and purple, something like tribal tattoos, though tattoos don't usually give off their own light, nor move slowly over the body they're painted on. Even apart from that, the body itself isn't very standard; the build is slinky and otterish, but some of the features are decidedly canine, like the big ears and the brush that makes up the lower half of the tail. Moreover, there's distinct stylization in the details, an androgynous shape more in keeping with an artistic rendering of anatomy than a biological one.

The pelt's clearly artificial too, soft and uniform like that of a high-quality plushie, though the movements of the lightly-toned form beneath show that this hybrid is more solid in construction. The faux fur is a smooth dusty tan over most of the body, shading to cream on vis front, a simple color scheme except where those glowing markings arc through. There, the fur itself seems to glow, each strand like a tiny electrolumniescent wire. Color variations flow across vis form as the patterns evolve, hues from purple to cyan in shapes from watery ripples to angular circuitry.

Eyes glow too, blue-green in an expressive face, sometimes slightly masked by long headfur, fluffy between perked ears and pulled into a ponytail. The headfur itself shows the same half-spectrum as the fur markings, a smooth shade from purple at the roots to cyan at the tips. The ears are pierced a few times each, with colorful metal rings. Vis nose is rubbery black, and teeth and tongue don't look much more real, the former rounded points of glow-in-the-dark plastic, the latter a translucent silicone of gently-glowing purple. Claws are shiny metal, but as rounded as the teeth, and set in paws just a bit oversized, with dark purple pads.


Ve's dressed as if ve's ready to go to a rave, with a tight black shirt clinging to vis chest, the word 'TOY' written out in thick blue letters, blatantly unsubtle. Vis legs are covered with a pair of baggy white pants, straps and pockets and all (only fitting accessories for a rave-toy). Under the right light, the glow of vis markings shows right through the clothes, revealing more detail, including what looks like the shape of a spread-winged bird on vis back. Vis outfit includes lots of accessories, of course, candy-jewelry around wrists and ankles, and a collar sits around vis neck, seamless purple plastic with a shiny metal ring hanging from the front.


Ve's not wearing anything right now, giving a full view of vis body, still quite androgynous. There's some roundedness to the chest and hips, more than would be expected on a male, but not to the point that'd usually be called feminine. A look between the legs gives a definite androgynous impression; there's nothing there but a slight bulge, unbroken and covered in soft pale fur. There's plenty more to look at, though, with those bright tattoo-like markings covering vis whole body. Most of it is abstract swirls and angles, but on the back, several purple lines come together to create a stylized avian shape, a raven with wings spread, the wingtips reaching onto eir arms, the tailfeathers reaching to the synth's own tailbase. Vis neck still shows that collar, seamless purple plastic with a shiny metal ring hanging from the front.